Projeto Flow

This game was part of a group of educational activities about classic music that took place at SESC Carmo – SP. The challenge was to create some multimedia piece, which could present particular authors.

The final result was an adaptation of the game Auditorium, transported to an installation size. Then we had a puzzle game, developed with Processing/ReactVision, and projections.



This video is demonstrates the Anim-and-play software in action. The software were developed by the instructor Paulo, for vacations activities (July/2010) at SESC Carmo, São Paulo/Brasil.

The software aims to help teaching young kids and children to understand some basic concepts in animation techniques.

The idea behind this software, is to teach children how simple animations works by they creating their own creatures. These creatures will be used in a very simple game based on computer vision techniques.

This project is been developed on Linux (Ubuntu 9.04), using Processing ( as framework. It was also successfully tested on Mac OSX, and Windows(but hard to configured on Win).

It is still a work in progress, so there are some bugs, crashes, and not mature game-play.
The software is available under GPL license, for common usage and development contribution. Check the project web-page:
You must read the wiki page for details.

G.R.E.S. Unidos da Escandinávia (2006-2008)

This project was meant to take place during Carnival season, as an entertainment activity for families visiting SESC Santana facilities. All the three versions were games where people should play Samba loops according to the rhythm. The sound was created by participants in an earlier workshop about Samba percussion instruments.

Software with a very simple mouseover interactivity to play Samba loops.
Environment: Flash.

Software with keyboard interaction, while playing the Samba loops, the player also edit a video clip.
Environment: Blender.

Software with Computer Vision based interactions. The player motion was captured by webcam streaming, the image was analyzed, and according to the player’s motions, the Samba loops were executed.
Environment: Python.