This video is demonstrates the Anim-and-play software in action. The software were developed by the instructor Paulo, for vacations activities (July/2010) at SESC Carmo, São Paulo/Brasil.

The software aims to help teaching young kids and children to understand some basic concepts in animation techniques.

The idea behind this software, is to teach children how simple animations works by they creating their own creatures. These creatures will be used in a very simple game based on computer vision techniques.

This project is been developed on Linux (Ubuntu 9.04), using Processing ( as framework. It was also successfully tested on Mac OSX, and Windows(but hard to configured on Win).

It is still a work in progress, so there are some bugs, crashes, and not mature game-play.
The software is available under GPL license, for common usage and development contribution. Check the project web-page:
You must read the wiki page for details.

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