Blender – script for rendering

After a long time without any posts, here we go. 🙂

I am working with Python scripts in Blender for video/animation purposes. It is significantly different from the game engine API, but also full of possibilities.

These first ones I am sharing are simple uses of Blender API for tasks like creating objects, linear animations, editing animation curves, triggering the rendering process, and dealing with event handlers.

1- super simple

2- fun with rotation matrix

3- editing animation curves

4- event handlers, animating a ‘swarm’

In future, I will share some more.

Blender Game Engine Course – class 5

In this videos (portuguese only), we begin a pratical usage of Python scripts controlling BlenderGE API itens.

– Python scripts
– Controllers Python and AND
– Sensors: Collision, Property, Always.
– Actuators: Motion, Property
– Catch objects in scene, via script.
– Usign alignAxisToVect function
– Vectors subtraction.

Blender Game Engine Course – class 3

Video topics (in portuguese):
– Introduction for collision detection, and physics elements – Object’s Physics Properties – Collision Sensors – Visibility, and Property Actuators;
– Collision detection compatibilities among certain physics properties;
– Object’s properties;
– Physics Visualizations;
– Debug Properties Visualizations;

Blender Game Engine Course – class 1

Hi folks!
In next week, I’ll teach the Blender game engine, in a course at SESC Carmo (in São Paulo). I intend to post videos (screencasts) recorded during the course, here in my blog, as well as the work files. The videos will be in portuguese, but hopefully I will have time to prepare some subtitles in english… and make these material a bit more universal.

The first video is an introduction specially dadicated to Linux and Mac users, but also usefull for Windows users.

See you.