TicTaskDo is an iOS App that combines different productivity techniques such as Scrum, Pomodoro Technique, and GTD.

My role: iOS Developer

The app was first developed in Objective-C, later in other version, was totally updated to Swift language.

The main challenge was to implement time calculations, till that project I never realizes how time calculations are tricky.

The team:

  • Hans Schneider (Project Manager)
  • Tatiana Bastos (Copywriter)
  • Roberto Simões (Lead Designer)

The App: link

Tasks List in TicTaskDo app
Tasks List in TicTaskDo app.

App Español Único

Educational application as a complement to the book Español Único. An initiative of Moderna Publisher, São Paulo – Brazil. Partnership with Elumina Comunicação.

The biggest challenge in this project was to developed an automat interface builder system, where corrections and extensions could be easily accomplished. At the end, the interfaces could be built by an XML file data, where information like the kind of exercise, the questions, possible and right answers, was inserted.

Developed with Kivy, and Python
My role: Python development and interface elements.